A church is as healthy as the number of people engaged in its mission and ministry. It is through their engagement that the work and witness of the church spreads through the community, strengthening the testimony of the gospel and the faith of those who serve. 

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Youth Ministry

The Bethesda Youth Ministry exists to engage and involve the youth of our community with the happenings of the church, to mold and strengthen their relationships with the Lord, and to equip and prepare them for an adulthood in which they feel confident in their identity in Christ. 


Through weekly sermons, worship, and fellowship, we aim to build up the the 6th-12th graders in our congregation to have a clear understanding of the Bible and its relation to their lives, to pursue the Lord in all things, and to share the gospel with conviction.

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Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a community project created to provide weekly grocery deliveries to the community of Bethesda and local students. Through generous tithes, persistent shoppers, and the tireless work of countless volunteers, Our Daily Bread has provided necessary food items to over 160 different families in Garner, Tx and surrounding areas for over 9 years. 

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Bethesda Community Foundation Q&A

Q: What is the Foundation?

A: Bethesda Community Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 2017 for the benefit of the Christian faith community in West Parker County.


Q: Who governs the foundation?

A: A Board of Directors consisting of no less than five and no more than nine individuals.


Q: How can gifts be made?

A: Individuals may contribute cash, securities, personal property, or real estate. Other options for donors are: planned gifts, bequests and will provisions, charitable trusts, and paid up life insurance policies. The Foundation can also receive a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) direct from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).


Q: Can gifts be given in honor or memory of someone?

A: We are happy to acknowledge gifts made in honor or in memory of individuals. If you send us a name and address, we will be happy to send an acknowledgement of the gift to the family. No mention of the dollar amount will be made.


Q: To whom do I write my check?

A: Bethesda Community Foundation, Inc.


Q: Where do I send my check?

A: 6657 N FM 113, Weatherford, TX 76088

Family Ministry

The faith development of children and youth happens best when there is a partnership between the church and the home. At Bethesda, we believe the next generation of believers is strengthened and equipped by a church that cares for them and a home that raises them to see God's presence at work in their life. Family ministry at Bethesda is more than teaching children and youth, it is about equipping parents to raise faithful followers of Jesus with the help of the church. 

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Children's Ministry

The Bethesda Children's Ministry aims to take a focused approach to God’s Word. Our Pre-K - 5th graders are taught Bible character lessons each week with application and reinforcements that relate to their lives here and now. It is our job and our calling as a church to make sure we equip both the children and their parents with the necessary resources and support to nurture young hearts and minds so they grow to love their Savior.  

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Bethesda Community Foundation

Every day, each one of us builds something. A family. A career. A reputation. A life. Built upon our hopes and dreams, reflecting our values and ideals, shaped by our words and deeds.


A hundred years from now, will the things that mattered to us still matter? Will the causes that stirred our hearts still incite passion? Will the purposes we lived for live on in others? When all is said and done, what do we leave behind?


Many of the blessings we enjoy today are the products of dedication on the part of those before us who were not content with the status quo. Instead, they were committed to leaving future generations a rich inheritance on which to build.


Through the Bethesda Community Foundation, you can make certain your gifts not only benefit others today, but countless generations in the future.


The Foundation can help you build a legacy of compassion, service, and devotion.

The Bethesda Community Foundation was established in 2017 to provide for the future of Christian ministry and community in West Parker County. The Foundation is has an ecumenical mission to support ministry for the entire community. Birthed from the faithful vision of individuals at Bethesda UMC, the Bethesda Community Foundation was established to support ministry and faith communities inside and outside of the established Bethesda UMC congregation.